“Sleep when the baby sleeps.” That phrase may be the most repeated piece of advice new parents receive. While it’s easier said than done, it’s a pretty solid strategy. After all, one of the most difficult things about parenting is taking good care of yourself so you can take the best care of your children. 

But what about as your baby grows? What should you be doing while your toddler naps or your tween hits snooze or your teen sleeps in until noon? Maybe you don’t need to sleep when the baby sleeps anymore, but there are certainly a number of ways you can and should be prioritizing your own self-care so you can be there for your kids. That includes your body and mind, of course. But good self-care also includes other areas of your life, like monitoring your financial health and working towards your professional goals. 

The truth is, finding the time for self-care as a parent never gets easier. But making sure your needs are met is imperative to being your best parenting self.